Climbing OutThere Colorado

Colorado has been at the center of rock-climbing since the mid-fifties, when the legendary Layton Kor began his all-out assault on the towering walls around the state. Kor established classic Alpine climbs in Rocky Mountain National Park – home to three of the “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America” – and classic trad-climbs on the vibrant, lichen-covered towers of Eldorado Canyon – where you may find some of the most famous climbs in the United States, including the mega-classic Bastille Cack.

Colorado is also known for a handful of spectacular sport climbing areas that can be enjoyed throughout most of the year. Rifle Mountain Park is known as one of the finest limestone climbing areas in all of North America, with unique features and rock composition that draw climbers from around the world. Boulder Canyon and Clear Creek offer excellent climbing along the Front Range with close-to-home options for beginners and experts alike.

Chaos Canyon is a breathtaking area where climbers will find hundreds of boulders strewn like dice below the looming peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park. Here, climbers can hone their skills on easier boulder problems, or witness professionals working out the moves to the hardest problems in the world. Bouldering can be found around Colorado in other areas like Morrison, Vail, or on 14,000-foot Mount Evans.

Climbers have always flocked to Colorado since the sport’s recreational inception. To preserve these beautiful areas for the many future-climbing generations to come, follow Leave No Trace guidelines and do your part to respect and protect the land.